New colleague

We are very pleased to have been able to hire a new workforce in our organization since May 1, 2022. She is Baška, who previously worked at DOMA (at HOME) as a volunteer and will now continue as a full-time social worker.

Let her speak for herself:

"Since 2019, I have worked at DOMA at the Capuchins as a volunteer social worker. This experience also encouraged me to fulfill my dream and go on a mission in Africa, where I worked in the center of St. Vincent de Paul for preschoolers. The center consisted of children from the poorest families. However, we were hit by a pandemic during the mission and I had to return early. My steps further led to the field of social work. I worked as a field social worker with homeless people. It was for me time full of education, gaining new experience and skills. I have completed training in motivational interviews and life coaching. I am most fascinated by people and their life stories in my work. I perceive my role mainly in the full acceptance of the clients and in accompanying them to a better life, which we strive for at DOMA at the Capuchins mainly through the provision of social counseling."

Baška, we keep our fingers crossed that you feel really at home with us!

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